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Welcome to the enchanting world of bean-to-bar chocolate, where at KKAOpure delight and indulgence are artfully crafted. Our chocolate journey begins with the finest wholefood ingredients, meticulously chosen to create a symphony of flavours to stimulate your taste buds.

Unlike industrialised chocolates, we take pride in sourcing single-origin cacao beans from Papua New Guinea, each with its own captivating tale of soil, climate, and farming practices, contributing to its unique taste.

Fermentation is where the magic begins, as the beans rest in timber boxes, wrapped in banana leaves, allowing natural yeasts and bacteria to work their wonders for seven days, transforming flavors into a captivating symphony.

After fermentation, the beans are air-dried for an additional seven days, achieving the perfect moisture balance. Then, the roasting process commences, unveiling rich aromas and layers of complex flavors, defining our decadent chocolates.

Into the grinder we go, for 48 hours of finesse, creating a silky smoothness that leaves you enchanted with every bite.

The romance doesn't end there! We allow the chocolate to mature for three weeks, as flavors evolve and intertwine, yielding a truly exceptional taste.

Tempering is our secret, ensuring a lustrous shine and exquisite snap. The dance of heating and cooling ensures the cacao butter is at its most divine.

In the world of bean-to-bar chocolate, we pride ourselves on our transparency. You're welcome to witness our craft firsthand, as we invite you into our factory to see the magic unfold.

Ethical sourcing is our heart, supporting fair trade practices and nurturing direct trade relationships with small-scale cacao farmers in Papua New Guinea, becoming guardians of sustainability.

Unlike industrial chocolates, we celebrate the soul of each cacao bean, cherishing the terroir-driven nuances that weave their magic into every exquisite bite.

With an eco-conscious approach, we embrace sustainable practices, leaving a light environmental footprint.

Custom delights await! Explore a world of diverse flavors and cacao percentages, tailored to your whims and desires.

So come, take my hand, and embark on this sensory journey into the world of bean-to-bar chocolate like never before. Indulge in our craftsmanship, savor the attention to detail, and relish every moment of pure delight in our chocolates. Cheers to a magical and unforgettable chocolate adventure!