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Yes we’re open to anyone. Please check out website for our opening hours as they may change for holiday seasons.

We make our own chocolate from cacao beans that we roast, shell and grind.

It's as healthy as chocolate can be. We roast our beans low and slow to ensure the cacao butter stays at its optimal. We grind our beans until they're smooth and creamy and only add essential ingredients. Our 70% dark chocolate is a two ingredient chocolate: cacao and Australian cane sugar.

At Kkao, all our dark chocolate is vegan friendly. We do not add any animal product in our dark chocolate. We have a vegan rocky road and instead of marshmallows we add in turkish delight.

We buy our beans from Papua New Guinea. They have a rich chocolate flavour with a hint of fruitiness. They’re also grown in volcanic soil, rich in nutrients.

Our farmers grow their beans based on organic principles however they are too small to comply with the administrative requirements for organic certification. We prefer to support small, remote farmers so they can showcase their amazing beans.

Yes, we do not add gluten into our chocolate. We do coat several products that have gluten such as pretzels and liquorice.

Chocolate is best preserved in temperatures between 22-24 degrees with low humidity. Best to store them in a cool, dry shelf

Yes, we have inhouse skills to create custom chocolate moulds. We can make them in any shape and size. If you are interested, please contact us at 

In warm weather, we send our chocolates out between Monday to Wednesday to limit the chocolates from being held in the depot over the weekend. We include foil bubble wrap to protect the chocolate.

Yes we are HACCP approved. We believe it is critical to identy and control potential hazards in our chocolate factory to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and maintain high food safety standards. Our HACCP approved procedures allow us to respond quickly and effectively to any potential safety issues. It also means you as a consumer can have trust in our products.