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Sugar Free Milk Chocolate


Dive into guilt-free indulgence with our exquisite sugar-free milk chocolate, expertly sweetened using nature's sugar-free wonder, erythritol. We've swapped out conventional sugars to cater to diverse lifestyles, ensuring a treat that's as versatile as it is delectable.

But let's dive deeper into the magic of our ingredients. Erythritol, a natural sweetener derived from fruits and plants, boasts a remarkable characteristic: its nearly calorie-free nature. This means you can relish the gratification of chocolate without stressing over the calorie count, perfectly aligning with your health-conscious goals. Importantly, erythritol is metabolised in a way that doesn't impact blood sugar levels, making it an exceptional choice for those vigilant about their sugar intake.

Cacao Beans grown in Papua New Guinea (45%), Erythritol, Australian Milk Solids. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol derived from the fermentation of natural sugars. It contains zero calories and has a sweet taste without causing blood sugar spikes.
Nutrition Information
Contains MILK. Free from gluten, artificial preservatives, and soy

Servings per package 2.67

Serving size (g)30

Average Quantity Per Serving Recommended Daily Intake [% ] Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 672 8 2241
Energy (kcal) 161 8 536
Protein (g) 2.8 6 9.3
Fat, Total (g) 13.7 20 46
Saturated (g) 8.8 37 29.4
Carbohydrate (g) 6.2 2 20.6
Sugars (g) 2.9 3
Sodium (mg) 30 1 102
Serving Details
80g Chocolate Bar 30g per serve 2.67 serves per bar

Customer Reviews

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Elena Petrusevich

Great taste ❤️

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