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Splendid Fairy Wren by Robyn Carr


Introducing our captivating Chocolate Greeting Card – a fusion of artistry and delectable delight. Unfold this unique masterpiece to reveal a canvas for your personal touch, complemented by an exquisite 80g bar of our signature 45% cacao milk chocolate.

Rest assured, it's meticulously crafted to be free from emulsifiers, gluten, and soy, ensuring a pure sensory experience.

About the Artistry:
Embracing our commitment to celebrate local talent, we proudly collaborate with the visionary artist, Robyn Carr. Her art transcends mere visuals, capturing the essence of life's moments and its inherent beauty. Each stroke resonates with smiles and reflections, offering a lighter perspective on the world around us. Join the journey through Robyn Carr Art on Facebook, where her creations invite you to connect, appreciate, and smile.

Cacao Beans grown and fermented in Papua New Guinea (45%), Bundaberg Sugar, Australian Milk Solids (19%)
Nutrition Information
Contains MILK Free from emulsifiers, gluten and soy.

Servings per package 2.7

Serving size (g) 30

Average Quantity Per Serving Recommended Daily Intake [% ] Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 14g 721 8 2403
Energy (kcal) 173 8 575
Protein (g) 2.3 5 7.7
Fat, Total (g) 11.4 16 38.2
Saturated (g) 7.4 31 24.6
Carbohydrate (g) 17g 14.7 5 49
Sugars (g) 13.3 15 44
Sodium (mg) 24.5 1 82
Serving Details
30g per serve 2.67 serves in chocolate bar

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