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Honeycomb dipped in Dark Chocolate


Experience the exquisite blend of lightness and bold flavor in our Australian-made Honeycomb Bites, thoughtfully paired with the richness of our pure dark chocolate. Delight in the crisp and decadent nature of this pairing, a harmonious dance of textures and tastes that's utterly addictive. Whether you're treating yourself or seeking the ideal gift for a loved one, our Honeycomb Bites enrobed in pure dark chocolate are an impeccable choice. Indulge in this delightful fusion that promises a symphony of indulgence with every delightful bite.

Dark Chocolate (70% cacao grown in Papua New Guinea, Bundaberg Cane sugar) and Australian made Honeycomb - Note: The honeycomb contains gluten
Nutrition Information

Servings per package 3

Serving size (g)50

Average Quantity Per Serving Recommended Daily Intake [% ] Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1018.1 11.7 2036.1
Energy (kcal) 223.0 10.6 446.1
Protein (g) 3.3 6.5 6.5
Fat, Total (g) 4.9 7.0 9.8
Saturated (g) 2.6 10.9 5.3
Carbohydrate (g) 41.1 13.3 82.2
Sugars (g) 37.8 42.0 75.6
Sodium (mg) 1.9 0.1 3.8
Serving Details
150g per bag 50g per serve 3 serves per bag

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